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Deko Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Breathable Quick Dry Phone pocket Cycling Jersey

Deko Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Breathable Quick Dry Phone pocket Cycling Jersey

Deko Tethys Air II Short Sleeve Breathable Quick Dry Phone pocket Cycling Jersey

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D-Vento Breathable Tethys Air with its chic Euro styling is a tasteful cycling jersey ideal for those long summer rides or a base layer in the winter months. Styled in durable Vento fabric which is lightweight and breathable, the flat stitched panel construction ensures maximum comfort. The shoulder and arm panels of the jersey use different textured fabrics that not only look more aesthetic they allow excess moisture to wick efficiently where it is needed most. The Deko Tethys Air Jersey has been re-styled and recolors for the AIR jersey still has the chic Euro look but it now comes with a restyled longer body, full zip, silicone Grip at the hem and new rear pockets with Zipped phone pocket to give the recreational fit. Whilst the jerseys are a lighter weight summer material they are still perfect in the winter as an extra layer. 

 Moisture wicking fabric Birdseye mesh fabric covering multi-mesh on the fabric surface and it will help the best breathable when you work out sporting, in the course of the movement to provide close protection, a polyester material has a moisture perspiration, quick-drying function. This sports fabric is suitable for most sports apparel, riding apparel, sports T-shirt, any function you want to dress can be met.

A performance jersey for all day, all comfort riding. A silky, stretchy fabric construction is combined with breathable mesh underarm panels that make it ideal for spring/summer riding.

Salient Features:

-100% Polyester quick dry D-Vento fabric.

- Full length front zip.

- Stretch mesh panels on front and back for maximum fit and air ventilation.

- 3 Open pockets on back with 1 zipped phone pocket.

- Silicone elastic band on waist.

Care your garment by following these tips:


Polyester can easily be washed and dried, making it very easy to care for.


-    Machine wash polyester using the permanent press cycle and warm water wash.

-    The fabric has a tendency to be stiff so you may want to add fabric softener during the rinse cycle to give it a softer feel and

     reduce static electricity.

-    Dry polyester on low heat setting in your dryer, or hang on a clothes line to air dry in warmer weather.

-    Remove from dryer promptly and hang or fold neatly to avoid unwanted creases.

-    Typically, polyester does not require ironing, but if it’s necessary, use a warm iron.

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